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ABCEN is the specialist in European Quality for the Chinese market.
In the world of baby products, our strenght is matching producers in Europe and sales professionals in China. We have two operational branches: the first operating as an exporter, the second is to accomodate organisations to do business with each other.

ABCEN is the baby product specialist in European quality for the Chinese market. The ABCEN management team has a track record with over €25 million in sales and happy clients. ABCEN is the acronym for “Amsterdam Baby China Europe Network B.V. (Ltd.)”

We have proven to be an effective vehicle in the Business To Business realisation of ambitions. We have an extensive and ever growing network of both European producers and brandowners on the one hand. On the other hand we have an extensive and ever growing network of Chinese importers and distribution specialists. We specialize in long term relationships, building trust and cooperation.

We connect Chinese Brand owners to top European production facilities to expand their brand with products that meet the high European standards.

We also connect Chinese distributors with European Brand owners so both can benefit from the growing Chinese demand for baby products of European quality. The European brand owner benifits from the trusthworthy and strong Chinese sales partner. The Chinese distributor benifits of having added an authentic European brand to the portfolio to sell in China.

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Our Management team

Sebastiaan Willemsen
Sebastiaan WillemsenManaging Partner
With 20 years experience in international cooperation and a succesful track record in sales management, he makes visions become reality. Even more than his sales performance, his strength lays in making strategic alliances work.
Frank Soemoredjo
Frank SoemoredjoPartner & Fiscal Specialist
He has over 40 years of experience being a trusted advisor to many businesses and millionaires. He is a veteran in analysing organisations and has deep understanding of their structures. Furthermore he understands what is needed to make a deal succesful.

B2B in Baby products

The ABCEN Mission
To enable international relations and business between Europe and China.

The ABCEN Philosophy
We believe that the European Quality in both product and cooperation makes a perfect fit with the Chinese Guanxi.

The ABCEN Promise
Working with ABCEN means you will have a commited partner who has eye for the quality of both the products and the relationship.

The ABCEN Way of doing projects
We are selective in the organisations we are working with. In the business of baby products, there are a lot of “cowboys and gold seekers” that we filter out and stay away from. We do business with real descission makers, overcome hurdles and make visions become reality.

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